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"OpenBrick is a small, light and silent open platform optimized for Open Source / Free Software solutions (firewall, micro-server, PABX, thin client, multimedia...). It is available for 300 to 400 EUR. It is distributed by a network of Open Source / Free Software companies who are joining through the OpenBrick Foundation to optimize it for GNU/Linux and FreeBSD, adapt it to new applications and improve its specifications."


Bhutan tests 'Simputer' for remote e-mail use

Monday 19 January 2004
John Ribeiro (IDG News Service)

"Bhutan tests 'Simputer' for remote e-mail use

The Simputer, a Linux-based handheld computer designed by Indian engineers, is being deployed in a pilot project in Bhutan to provide e-mail to people living in remote locations, said an executive of the Geneva-based International Telecommunication Union."


Un maxi PDA sous Linux pour NEC... - L'univers d'un monde mobile - Les infos
le 02-04-2004 à 07:26

"Un maxi PDA sous Linux pour NEC...

NEC Personal Products vient d'annoncer le "LookPal", un maxi PDA ou un Tablet PC tournant sous Linux"