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M-Audio Hush Hush Products, Interesting, very interesting.

SonicState 20-Apr-05

"Flash Tracker
# In a quiet corner of the impressive M-audio stand, were a couple of interesting gems. First up was the Flash Tracker, a dimunuitvie hand-held recorder, using Compact Flash and Micro-drive as media, it sports (according to preliminary specs): 2x TRS mic/line jack inputs
# 48V phantom power
# 3.5mm jack mic in with 5V power for electrec and back condenser mic
# SPDIF input
# 3.5mm headphone out
# RCA stereo out
# USB 2.0

The unit really is palm sized and something that we are certainly lusting after. Unbelievably, this unit will be capable of 24-bit 96kHz recording and no doubt some popular compressed formats, we'll have to wait and see - this is the only one there is for now. Stay tuned for more details."


Le fabricant de smartphones HTC débarque en France,39040748,39217131,00.htm?xtor=1 - Actualités
Par Eric Le Yavanc
Lundi 11 avril 2005

"Jusqu'à présent, toutefois, il était assez difficile de se procurer un de ses appareils sans qu'il soit personnalisé pour un opérateur. Désormais la filiale française de Qtek – la marque commerciale du fabricant HTC – proposera la gamme complète des smartphones et des assistants personnels (accompagnés de leurs accessoires) à son catalogue."



"What's the big idea here?

The idea is pretty simple: People who create video, music, photos, audio clips and other personal media can store their stuff for free on Ourmedia's servers forever, as long as they're willing to share their works with a global audience.

Ourmedia's goal is to expose, advance and preserve digital creativity at the grassroots level. The site serves as a central gathering spot where professionals and amateurs come together to share works, offer tips and tutorials, and interact in a combination community space and virtual library that will preserve these works for future generations. We want to enable people anywhere in the world to tap into this rich repository of media and create image albums, movie and music jukeboxes and more."



"Torrentocracy (pronounced like the word democracy) is the combination of RSS, bit torrent, your television and your remote control. In effect, it is what gives any properly motivated person or entity the ability to have their own TV station. By running torrentocracy on a computer connected to your television, you not only become a viewer of any available content from the internet, but you also become a part of a vast grass roots media distribution network."


Wired News: The Need for Feed(s),1272,67152,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

"Ferguson said publishers fall into two camps. Those who view syndicating headlines as a revenue opportunity and are setting up RSS feeds, and those such as Agence France-Presse who are worried about controlling how and where their headlines appear.

While these publishers "have their heads in the sand" about online news, Ferguson said, they are missing out on providing a useful service to readers for the viewing of content.

Newspapers have been bleeding subscribers for the past decade as readers increasingly go online for their news fix. Between 1994 and 2003, the percentage of adults who read a newspaper during the week dropped by 12 percent, according to the Newspaper Association of America. The total circulation of daily newspapers also decreased every year during the same time period."


Linux on A Laptop: A Tinkerer's Journal

"Linux has gone a long way from where it was just a few years ago in terms of laptop installations, ease of use, application choice, and maturity. I am but one of the living proofs that using Linux both professionally and personally is not only making sense but is also a joy. The breadth of applications that are available and their quality is a great testament to the Open Source movement which Linux has helped to pioneer. The fact that amazes me so much is how smooth the experience of installing and using Linux on a laptop. Despite some to-be-expected rough edges, it has exceeded all my expectation and I am actually proud to show my laptop to my Windows running colleagues and be able to debunk the myths that Linux is not useable on the desktop (let alone on a laptop)."

Video takes off in social software land

The Social Software Weblog
Posted Apr 5, 2005, 12:53 PM ET by Barb Dybwad

"The recent launch of Ourmedia as an entirely free web host repository and community for citizen video (as well as audio), as well as the advent of tools such as the ANT RSS video aggregator (Mac desktop client) and the web-based videoblogger aggregator Mefeedia (which also adds a folksonomy component) seem to herald video’s arrival on the social software scene in a big way."