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Mobile hard drive carries Linux

"The GlobeTrotter device, with Mandrakelinux 10.0, can be plugged into the USB port of any PC to turn it into a Linux desktop, without any modifications to the host PC. GlobeTrotter can store up to 40GB of data, including applications and personal settings. The software includes productivity suite and the integrated personal information management suites KDE Kontact and Novell Evolution."


Japan's NTT DoCoMo, Motorola Strike Deal to Develop Next-Generation Mobile Phone

"Subscribers will be able to browse the Internet or make phone calls over high-speed wireless LAN networks, the companies said. They can also link to laptops or personal handheld devices using Bluetooth technology and view a wide range of Microsoft software files."


312 LeanOnMe

"Using innovative Peer-to-Peer technology, LeanOnMe allows you to backup your files to your friends, family, or colleague's computer. This is all done quickly, easily, and safely, using encryption standards similar to that used by banks and the military. LeanOnMe is platform independent! (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh)"

Nokia 6820 - Test du Nokia 6820 par,39022262,39145505,00.htm

Par Damien Prat
Mercredi 24 mars 2004

"Le clavier numérique, en tout point semblable à celui de n'importe quel téléphone, se soulève comme la couverture d'un calepin. Le 6820 se tient alors à deux mains, comme une console de jeu portable. L'écran se trouve au milieu avec le clavier réparti à droite et à gauche. La saisie s'effectue avec les pouces sans trop de difficulté, les touches offrent entre 7 et 10 mm de hauteur et de largeur, largement assez pour éviter les erreurs. On s'y fait assez vite même si le clavier n'offre pas le même confort que celui d'un Treo ou d'un RIM Blackberry. S'il se révèle parfait pour rédiger des SMS ou de courts e-mails, il paraît difficile de l'utiliser pour un texte plus long: écrire l'équivalent d'une page Word relève plus du défi que du passe-temps. Les adolescents habitués à écrire en langage "texto" n'y verront d'ailleurs qu'un intérêt limité. En revanche, tous ceux qui utilisent les SMS dans un cadre professionnel, et donc tiennent à soigner leur communication, seront ravis de bénéficier d'un clavier intégral. Ce dernier permet d'écrire en français rapidement, ce qui est plus aisément déchiffrable que le langage des "texto"!"

Sigmatek PVR-800 Unofficial FAQ

"Lecteur CD/DVD/Disque dur: oui
Lecteur DivX/XviD: oui (à partir du disque ou du lecteur CD/DVD)
Enregistreur TV/Sources Externes sur disque dur: oui (disque dur optionnel)
Tuner TV PAL/NTSC SECAM: oui (avec logiciel intégré)
Tuner Nicam Stéréo: non (mono - à reconfirmer)
Copieur DVD sur disque dur: oui (sauf avec Macrovision)
Rack extractible pour disque dur: oui"

LOOX at Fujitsu-Siemens's new high end 700 series

LOOX 700

PDA WiFi + Bluetooth, Compact Flash + Secure Digital

"They offer four different connectivity options, include both Compact Flash and SDIO-capable Secure Digital card slots as well as dual-wireless support for both 802.11b Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 1.2, which is backward compatible with the Bluetooth 1.1 found on the majority of modern Bluetooth devices."


Push Siemens CX70 to talk

By Larry Garfield, Friday 20 August 2004

"Push To Talk is slowly gaining momentum, and now Siemens has joined the
game with the release of the Push Talking Siemens CX70."

"On the software side, the CX70 offers a unified inbox supporting SMS
and MMS, as well as e-mail via POP3 or IMAP and WAP 2.0 support. "


A disposable digital camera enters the market at $19.99

A disposable digital camera enters the market at $19.99

"Pure Digital is a $19.99 digital camera, with a color preview screen and the ability to delete pictures. After you bring it in for processing, you get a free picture CD along with your prints."


Sending Money Through Cell Phone Numbers

"A mobile banking remittance service will be introduced to the public starting November, which will allow users to send money by entering the receiver's cell phone number, even if one does not know the receiver's bank account number."

Mobile mini-note PC

August 17, 2004

"JVC has launched what it claims is the world's lightest DVD multidrive laptop PC, Interlink MP-XV831PX. Within a 235mm x 31.5mm x 177mm, 1,135-gram box, there is a Pentium M 1 GHz CPU, a 40 GB HDD, a wireless LAN, and 8.9-inch TFT screen. It can run for up to 6.7 hours with a battery pack.

Interlink MP-XV831PX, JVC
173,000 yen"


Device Profile: Interact-TV Telly MC1200 digital media center

"The Telly MC1200 is housed in an aluminum case measuring 16.5 x 4.6 x 12.2 inches. It comes with an infrared trackball remote control and infrared keyboard (pictured at right).

The device is based on a 1.2GHz VIA C3 processor, a low-powered X86 compatible chip that uses a quiet "fan-sink" for low-noise operation in living rooms. The system bus speed is 533MHz. The device includes 256MB of PC2100 DDR SDRAM, expandable to 1GB.

The MC1200 has a 2-channel UltraDMA/133/100/66 IDE controller, and comes stock with a single 80GB, 7200 RPM hard drive (larger drives optionally available). Three drive bays and a robust power supply provide capacity for up to 750GB of internal storage. The device also offers a FireWire interface supporting the addition of "unlimited" amounts of external storage.

The MC1200 comes with a slimline (laptop-style) DVD player, with a DVD/CDRW drive optionally available. It also includes an NTSC standard TV tuner, with video resolution of 640x480.

The latest Telly includes 6-channel AC97 stereo analog outputs, as well as 5.1 (five satellite speakers and one subwoofer) audio outputs. It includes S-video, composite, and coaxial (RF) video inputs, as well as S-video out."

"[...] the MC1200 runs Interact-TV's internally developed Linux implementation, which it calls EOS, or "Entertainment Operating System." The OS includes a 2.4.18 Linux kernel, standard Linux software components such as an X Window server, and libraries supporting APIs for GUIs, XUL (XML user-interface language) and application management."

"The Telly MC1200 is available now direct from Interact-TV, starting at about $800."

Playing the convergence game

Published: August 16, 2004, 4:00 AM PDT
By David Becker
Staff Writer, CNET

"Several left-field contenders are also hoping to make convergence stick. Consumer electronics manufacturer Apex Digital plans to enter the market late this year with the first device based on the Discover platform, which reads standard PC game discs and configures the games for display on a TV set. The ApeXtreme plays Window games, dishes up digital music and photos and plays DVD movies. Infinium Labs hasn't discussed nongaming functions for its upcoming Phantom console, but the unit's broadband connection could be used to deliver streaming media as well as Windows games."

Vazu Contacts - Add Contacts to Your Mobile Phone the Easy Way

"Send contacts from our website or Outlook
No software to download
No cables to buy
Safe, secure, and private"

"What is the Vazu Contacts service?

Vazu Contacts provides a simple and easy to use service for users to upload contact information from Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Ximian Evolution to their mobile phones. It eliminates the distress of entering names and numbers into your phone when you buy, replace or change phones. This way you have the most current information with you."


'Push to talk' meets Wi-Fi

Published: August 11, 2004, 12:29 PM PDT
By Ben Charny
Staff Writer, CNET

"Cellular carriers are creating "push to talk" services that travel over Wi-Fi networks, federal regulators say--a move that could expand the one-push cell phone calls to VoIP systems."


waysmall 200ax-bt 83mm x 36mm x 15mm

"processor Intel XScale® PXA255 - 200MHz
memory 64MB SDRAM standard (100 MHz bus)
4 MB Strataflash standard
(1) MMC slot for up to 256MB

operating environments: u-boot-1.0.0 bootloader in flash Linux kernel 2.6.0 in flash busybox with webserver and remote login
communications USB: (1) client
serial ports: (2)
dimensions: 83mm x 36mm x 15mm
wireless: Yes, Infineon Bluetooth™ Module on btuart ROK104001"

Linux computer squishes into CompactFlash card

"C Data Solutions has shoehorned a complete Linux-based computer system into a Type II CompactFlash (CF) card. The "Compact Flash Computer" (CFC) can be mixed and matched with third-party CF-card peripherals to instantly create miniscule Linux systems based entirely on CompactFlash cards, without requiring hardware or software design or debug."


Mini-Box M-100

Le M-100 est un tout petit PC

"Size: 20 cm (W) x4.4 cm (H) x22 (D) cm"

Qui fait tourner un Media Center

"MediaBoxOS™ Embedded Linux

What is the MediaBoxOS? The MediaBoxOS linux distribution is a small embedded Linux distribution designed for Compact Flash operation.

The MediaBoxOS is a simple Linux distribution has been battle hardened for more than 2 years running as a specialized media operating system, where response time and stability are very important factors.
The MediaBoxOS distribution is around 8Mb. When tools and other applications are included the total size is well below 16Mb. The I-Media distribution comes in an 64Mb or 128Mb Compact Flash as well as on a CD. When booted from the CD, an menu-driven installation program will walk you through all necessary steps."


- VIA Eden™ 800Mhz processor (533 versions also avail)
- 100/133MHz Front Side Bus
- low power consumption
- Optional Fanless
- VIA C3™ E-Series processor (EBGA package)
- 100/133MHz Front Side Bus
- 128K L1 and 64K L2 cache

- Integrated Macro Vision 7.01
- High quality scaling and filtering
- S-Video or Composite video output
- Supports NTSC/PAL TV formats

Main Memory
- Two 168-pin DIMM memory sockets
- PC100/133 SDRAM support

- VIA 10/100 Ethernet LAN onboard

- Integrated AGP2X with 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration
- Motion Compensation for DVD playback
- VIP port for video overlay function

- VIA VT1612A AC'97 onboard
- 3 Audio Jacks - Line-Out, Line-In and Microphone-In
- Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro Compatible
- Digital I/O compatible with consumer mode S/PDIF

Expansion Slots
- ATA/100/66/33 Support
- 1 PCI slots

Front I/O ports
- 2 USB jacks
- RCA line in
- Front loading, bootable Compact Flash (any size)

Back I/O Ports
- 3 Audio Jacks - Line-out, Mic-in and Line-in
- Four USB ports (two USB ports located at rear side)
- 1 EPP/ECP parallel port
- 1 16C550 compatible serial port
- 2 External PS/2 Compatible Keyboard /Mouse ports
- 2 TV output ports (S-Video or optional RCA TV out)
- 1 S/PDIF out (optional and multiplex with RCA TV out)
- 1 RJ-45 LAN port
- 1 PCI slot (Note: support for two PCI devices)
- 4 GPIO, software controllable

Power Supply
- 60 watt DC-DC converter"


New Siemens phone connects to BlackBerry

Published: August 2, 2004, 8:22 AM PDT
By Dinesh C. Sharma

"The triband SK65 phone will offer e-mail management through a licensing deal with Research In Motion, which makes the popular BlackBerry e-mail device. SK65 customers will be able to manage e-mail with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes."


Internet Radio, Without Drudgery,1284,64402,00.html

Wired News
By Daniel Terdiman
02:00 AM Aug. 02, 2004 PT

" is an online radio site -- but with a twist. It works hand-in-hand with Audioscrobbler, a small software plug-in that works with popular software music players like Winamp and iTunes. The plug-in scrutinizes the music files on users' computers and sends the information to a server. From that, creates a personalized Internet radio station based on each user's taste."