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Cell Phone with Built-in Projector

March 24, 2005

"Siemens researchers have developed a cell phone featuring a built-in projector system. A laboratory model was presented at CeBIT 2005 in Hanover. The system makes it possible to project a complete keypad or display onto a surface. With a special pen, users can write on the virtual keypad and operate the phone’s functions."


Ever need to phone 7,000 people at once?

Published: March 22, 2005, 5:49 PM PST
By Michael Kanellos
Staff Writer, CNET

"Mostly, customers only use it to contact a few people, but it can push out 7,000 to 8,000 messages. "You can do as many as you want, but it takes more time," Cohen said.

The service costs about $4,200 a year for 50 contacts. Send Word Now has approximately 100 customers."


Pod2Go: The Ultimate iPod Sync Application

RSS/RDF news, Weather, movies, stock quotes, lyrics, text, Address Book, iCal, Mail, Safari bookmarks and stickies, backup, launcher, scheduling syncs.


Videur de mémoire, le Tripper Mini

"Vous en avez marre de vous balader avec 2 tonnes de Comptact Flash ? Eh bien il existe un demi-milliard de solutions pour cela, et voici une nouvelle version d'un HDD autonome (avec un HDD de 1.8") qui pourra donc vider vos CF lorsque vous êtes OTG (On The Go)"

Grande-Bretagne: Skype accessible gratuitement par accès Wi-Fi,39020774,39210132,00.htm

Vendredi 4 mars 2005

"Au Royaume-Uni, un accord passé avec le fournisseur d'accès Wi-Fi Broadreach Networks va permettre aux utilisateurs britanniques de Skype d'accéder gratuitement au service lorsqu'ils se connectent à un de ses 350 hot spots. La plupart sont situés dans les grandes gares britanniques."


Face-recognition security comes to mobile phones

"Okao is available for embedded Linux, Symbian, BREW, and ITron, but not for Microsoft Windows Mobile or Windows CE. The footprint size is 450KB of Flash (and 1.5MB for the reference image) and the software requires a minimum of 370KB of RAM."


Shuttle Zen XPC ST62K: Finally, a Quiet SFF PC!
February 8, 2004 by Ralf Hutter and Mike Chin

"A new smaller, quieter SFF barebones PC using just one 80mm fan and an external fanless power supply."

The hundred-buck PC

January 29, 2005

"The founder and chairman of the MIT Media Lab wants to create a $100 portable computer for the developing world."

People’s PC, for $300 only

Om Malik
February 28, 2005 1:23 pm

"[...] HCL has just launched a sub-$300 computer [...] The PC is called EzeeBee Pride, [...] A 1GHz processor (either from Intel or AMD), a 30 GB hard disk, 128 MB RAM, a 15-inch colour monitor and even a 52 x CD ROM drive. [...]"

AMD's PC to increase online world / Low-end Internet model would assist emerging countries

"[...] It will cost $185 just for the computer, and $249 for both the computer and a 15-inch monitor.

The PC contains the chipmaker's Geode microprocessor, an inexpensive line of chips for smaller devices like personal digital assistants and other handheld computers.

The machine, about the size of a Kleenex box, contains a 10-GB hard drive, 128 MB of memory and a 56k modem. [...]"