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Peerflix Introduces Social Networking to Peer-to-Peer DVD Trading Service; New ''My Friends'' Feature Provides Unrestricted DVD Trades With Friends...

"Another benefit of the new features is to allow members and their contacts to share their "DVDs I Have" and "DVDs I Want" lists. "By sharing their lists, members can find out which movies their friends have already watched, how well they liked them, and which ones they want to see next," said Danny Robinson, co-founder of Peerflix. "What differentiates Peerflix's take on this community exchange is that we enable members to actually do something useful with this information. For example, they can request that friends mail their DVDs to them with one click."

"My Friends" also allows unrestricted trades between friends. Peerflix uses "Peerbux" as the internal currency that balances the trades within the network by assigning relative values to each title. This ensures that users contributing new releases and hot titles to the network get recognized accordingly and can receive DVDs of equal value in return. "Our members have told us that they'd be willing to generously trade their DVDs with friends and family without getting Peerbux in return -- what are friends for after all?" said McNair. "We've added the capability to do just that, so our members can trade with friends and family even if they do not have Peerbux in their account.""

DMC Store - DMC 500

100GB, $399

"Its internal battery provides over 20 of hours of play on a single charge, and its USB 2.0 interface allows for data transfers of any kind at lightning-fast speeds.

The DMC Xclef 500 also features an FM Tuner with encoding (so you can record as you listen), a voice recorder with built-in mic, and a 1/8" line-in jack so you can record from any audio source at up to 320 kb/s.

In addition, the DMC Xclef 500 offers astonishing sound volume and quality, with 10 mW/channel of clean RMS power (we won't dupe you with trumped up "peak output" values), very low harmonic distortion, and a host of sound contouring options, making it the perfect addition to your home or car stereo system."